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Rob Northover is a professional  wedding photographer capturing Greater Toronto Area, Southern Ontario, and international weddings.  With an emphasis on photojournalism, candids, and portraits, I focus on creating a personalized experience with each and every couple's wedding photography.  

It's important you get on with the person who's there to document your special day and understand all the small details and moments that may come up so I'd love to connect with you over tea (or coffee!), wine, or over the internet if we're geographically apart!

When I'm not taking photographs or planning shoots I can be found watching a James Bond movie, drinking a glass of red wine, or building on my Spotify playlists. Speaking of which, if you're looking for a romantic soundtrack for the night check out my playlist, mostly from less-mainstream artists:

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Meet the artist

rob northover

I genuinely believe I have something to give.  I'm fun to be around, and I get on great with people.  As I combine this with my entrepreneurship and putting the corporate world behind me, you could say I'm right where I'm meant to be (also - having moved continent!).

Photography allows me use my creative brain, and there is no greater feeling than  documenting a couples' special day!

I'm not just a photographer.  I passionately care about my clients!  I'm proud to provide a friendly, personable and tailored experience and offer beautiful unique products to my clients!  If you'd like to know more about who I am and my photography, contact me or follow me on social media!


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