About Me

Rob (1 of 1)

I genuinely believe I have something to give.  I’m fun to be around, and I get on great with people.  As I combine this with my entrepreneurship and putting the corporate world behind me, you could say I’m right where I’m meant to be (also – having moved continent!).

Photography allows me use my creative brain, and there is no greater feeling than  documenting a couples’ special day!

I’m not just a photographer.  I passionately care about my clients!  I’m proud to provide a friendly, personable and tailored experience and offer beautiful unique products to my clients!  You’re like one of the family for me, and I’ll only provide the best service possible for you.  If you’d like to know more about who I am and my photography, contact me or follow me on social media!

If you’re looking some some music for couples check out my Date Night playlist on Spotify – you’ll find some classics as well as some less mainstream songs for couples … maybe you’ll find your wedding song here!

Hobbies & Interests