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Tips for choosing the right photographer
Beautiful couple focused on each other's eyes by GTA Wedding Photographer Rob Northover

GTA Wedding Photographer Rob Northover offers couples in the Toronto and Southern Ontario region very best in wedding photography.

Are you getting married in the Toronto area? Who will be your GTA wedding photographer?  Here are some of the main items you should consider when looking for a wedding photographer.



When selecting a wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring a professional that will be with you, your friends and family and everyone associated with you on your whole wedding day. It’s extremely important that your wedding photographer’s personality is a great fit with you to make sure you get on great on the day. Don’t forget that you might be working with your photographer for a lot longer engagement sessions, albums … they all take time and personal contact. I’m extremely proud to offer my clients a personable, customer focused experience so everyone is happy!



While price is a consideration when choosing your GTA wedding photographer, it should not be the only thing that matters. Make sure you have someone who cares, someone who knows what they’re doing, and someone who can offer expert service and products. Weddings do cost, and photography is part of that but don’t forget that after the beautiful day is over and you continue your lives, the photography is something tangible you can look back on, so make sure to prioritize it as you need!


Wedding Albums

While everyone likes to have the digital images to share with their friends and family, I strongly recommend everyone to have a wedding album. They come suitable for any budget, and are fully customizable (fabrics, leathers, wood, acrylic, plexiglass!). They’re beautiful to look at and the real first heirloom of your family, the keepsake from your wonderful wedding and the start of married life together.


Wedding Coverage

When hiring your GTA wedding photographer ensure they offer you a package with the right amount of hours in. This is typically in the 8-10 region which is enough to capture all the key moments of your day. I’m happy to offer all-inclusive packages with a variety of hours and options to ensure your moments are captured.


Multiple photographers

How many wedding photographers will be at your wedding? I strongly recommend you have least two wedding photographers. The main photographer can capture all the key details while the second photographer can be photographing candids, or family members in the background.

I always bring a second photographer and usually an assistant for lighting, dresses, and anything else we need to get done!


Robert Northover Photography is a wedding photographer based in Souther Ontario, offering wedding photography in the GTA, Southern Ontario, and destinations worldwide.

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