Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

My prices start at $1,999 and range up to $5,999 plus multiple add-ons. My best advice, if that starting pricing is within your budget and you like my images then we should meet!

What's the booking process and payment options?

  1. Fill out the contact form so I know who you are!
  2. We'll set-up a time to meet, if you're close in-person, or if it's a journey by Skype or FaceTime. I like to meet every potential client so we know we're going to get along, and it gives me a chance to explain all the photography options for your wedding.
  3. Everything else including contracts, payments etc is done online so we're good to go!
  4. My retainer is $400 to hold your day. The rest of your payment can be spread as you like up to 1 week before the wedding.

What are your packages?

My packages start with 8 hours coverage, 2 photographers and a wedding album. I'll go over everything when we meet up - it's way too much to explain here or by email.

Will you help us posing?

No-one comes to me knowing how to pose. I'm happy to provide all the help you need, and it's really not that hard. Inspiration comes from fashion, movies, magazines, and photography courses, and I'm happy to translate this to beautiful, timeless, romantic wedding pictures for you and yours.

Should I provide you a shot list for the day?

The one key shot list I need is all the different family combinations you'd like - and we're going to employ one person from each side of your families to help round them up so we can move through the family shots as much as possible. I'm happy to take on other shots you may like, but I prefer to capture the day is it unfolds instead of trying to re-create someone else's wedding!

Are the images you deliver edited?

After I have selected the final images for delivery (removing test shots and folks walking in the way!), I colour correct each file before converting to a 300dpi jpeg file, which you will receive via electronic download from your private gallery if you've selected a package with the digital files included. The final file sizes are approximately 1200x1800 pixels and you'll also receive a copyright release from me 

None of these images are watermarked and I'm awesome with you sharing them online as long as I'm credited!

Any advice?

There's a lot of fantastic photographers out there. Make sure you select one who not only produces beautiful timeless images, but one that you get along with. They're with you on one of the best days of your life, so its important they'll get along with you, your friends and family! Ask lots of questions, professional or personal, and get to know them - this person should feel like a friend, not a vendor for your wedding day!