Love at a Trafalgar Castle Wedding

Love at a Trafalgar Castle Wedding

Melanie in and Earl taking a moment after their wedding ceremony. The sky was filled with drama, and this amazingly gorgeous bride and handsome groom make this image breathtaking with the very obvious emotion elicited between them. They were married at Trafalgar Castle school, and this field was located right beside. It was the perfect place to stop and have them take a moment together. This was shot in the fall on an overcast day so the bride and groom were brave keeping warm, and wading through the brush to get to this spot! 

Looking at this image genuinely makes you feel love. You can see the emotion just pouring out the pair of them!

There's a black and white version of this one and I was torn as which to display in the gallery here as they're both dramatic and let you feel the emotion from them.

This was shot on my first DSLR, a Canon 40D, using a 50mm lens. You don't need insanely expensive kit to create stunning imagery, just the eye, location, and the right light. Of course, the overcast day helped a lot, providing nice diffused light, and those rippling clouds add to the drama in the image.

Location: Trafalgar Castle School. 401 Reynolds Street. Whitby, Ontario. L1N 3W9. Canada .