Composite Bride and Groom Cinematic Wedding Photography



I'm a proud believer in everyone having a physical wedding album for their wedding day. It tells the story of your first day married. While I'm focussed on capturing those timeless, romantic and beautiful images, I'm also focused on being able to tell the story of your wedding day so that your heirloom, that wedding album, can be passed down through the generations and the story re-lived.

Bride and Groom embrace and Bride relaxed

I offer a fun, friendly, and comfy experience with myself and my team and all of my Wedding Collections include the following elements:

A Personally Designed Wedding Album and Story by Rob

The beautiful story will be seen by your friends, family and generations to come. Your first album design will be ready when you visit me to see your wedding photos for the first time.

A Primary Photographer (Rob), A Second Photographer, and an Assistant

When you book with me, you get me as your primary photographer. It's me you booked with, and my experience I'm proud to offer, and be with you on your wedding day with.

I always bring a second photographer with me. I can't witness all those candid details when I'm focussed mainly on yourselves, so they're there to be my second pair of eyes!

I also bring an assistant. They're there mainly for my additional lighting. One of the things setting images apart is the use of professional lighting to create those unique images that you'd hang on the wall, and my assistant helps with those. They also help move my equipment around, people if needed, and generally keep things organized so I can concentrate on your day.

An Engagement Session with Beautiful Images

Each Collection comes with a complimentary Engagement Session. This not only provides you with amazing photographs which can be hung in your home, but a window into the amazing experience that will be had on your wedding day. You'll get a feel of how to pose (don't worry, I've got you covered!), and we'll get to know each other better. That makes the wedding day a whole lot easier when I show up and we're friends! I completely understand some people don't want to do this and it's completely up to you - but it's complimentary so feel free!

I'm pleased to offer both collections of pre-set packages, offering the most popular and value for money, as well as a la carte offerings, for those who need a completely customizable set of options for their unique day. There's also a large selection of add-ons which can be purchased separately to the packages or a la carte options.

A Clients-only Phone Number

You'll have direct access to my cellphone, and I'll answer unless I'm at a wedding, meeting, or sleeping. I want you to feel comfortable, and I'm happy to answer your questions! Feel free to text or email as well!

Black and White combo

Wedding Photography Packages

As all of the collections contain these things, there's two main things they vary by:

  • Hours of coverage (starting at 8)
  • Wedding album size (starting at 10*10), moving up to a deluxe size (typically 18*12)
  • Wedding album finish

A La Carte Pricing

Do I offer A La Carte Pricing? Yes. The collection may not be for you, you may have a complex multi-day event, or other features requiring you needing a complete package. I'm happy to offer A La Carte pricing to cater for your day!

But where is your Pricing?

I strongly believe in meeting with each and every client to make sure I'm a good fit for you, and you're a good fit for me! There are usually many questions I can answer in-person and I can show you the various types of wedding albums. To that end I'd love to meet up at a location convenient for both of us. If you're out-of-town and I can't make it, let's Skype or FaceTime!